A pastor opts out: “God loves me as a gay person, not in spite of being one”

Photo by Marco Meyer on Unsplash

“I’ve decided to bury my desires”

“I grew up in a conservative family, which left a huge impact on my childhood,” starts M. “So, for example saying that being gay is okay and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, well, that wasn’t really an option. And this was in complete agreement with all the messages I’ve received from society, the lightest of which was that homosexuality is ridiculous, escalating to being shameful, and culminating in posing a threat to society. I was fifteen years old when I first realized that I was gay. I had been in love with a classmate as a child, but adolescence was what helped me to put it into words — at first, of course, only to myself.”

Photo credit: Amy Kósa
Photo credit: Kenny Luo


But there was something before the final goodbye — something which not even the young pastor knew about. He tears up just talking about this.

Photo by Levi Saunders on Unsplash



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